Why choose Wink Formula?

by WF Team on Apr 07, 2018

Why choose Wink Formula?

The Finest Quality

Wink Formula is backed up with a team of like-minded makeup lovers like you. Makeup is art and the team here hopes to spread the message. Our lashes are handcrafted to enhance the sparkle in your eyes, with the variation in styles, choose the style that suits your personality or the look that you are inclined to creating today. The team here understands our customers and has invested a lot of effort in making sure that we deliver only quality products and service! Quality is of our utmost concern as we place our sincere beliefs in establishing a lasting relationship with you by ensuring that you receive premium products. Fret not when you shop with us as we would ensure that you would receive nothing but the best products! The team’s excitement to share our products with the world is overwhelming and we always place customer experience first so rest assured that you would receive nothing but only the best experience with our premium lashes.

Secure payment

Wink Formula offers various payment methods which are tested to be absolutely secure. We also pledge to keep your information safe with us and NEVER to sell it to a third party. This would ensure that you will not be subjected to (unwanted) spam emails and enjoy your venture of makeup as art with us!

Best Delivery Partners

We have experienced a few unfortunate incidents where our local carriers failed to deliver the package due to the large volume of parcels that they deal with on a daily basis. Therefore, Wink Formula has revised our shipping structure and did an extensive research on how we can make this whole shopping experience more pleasant for you. We have changed our partnership to work with DHL EXPRESS to offer you a smoother and secure delivery at the most competitive pricing. With online shopping being a norm now, the team here understands that shipping fees might be a concern. Hence, we have absorbed some of the shipping fees so that our international customers would have the chance of joining us in this #winkformula experience at a more affordable fee with the best shipping company.

Perfect for Beginners and Lash Addicts

For those unfamiliar with falsies, Wink Formula is proud to say that we have a range of natural wispes to dramatic glam to suit your preference! Feel free to contact us at if you would like advice on which lash style would suit you or just to chat with us and share your love for makeup with us! Embrace makeup as art today and let our lashes do the talking for you by emphasizing on the sparkle in your eyes! View our current collection here!

For those lovelies who absolutely cannot live without falsies in your makeup routine like us, do give our Wink Formula lashes a try as we guarantee you the most premium lashes to add to your collection! Our team of designers is always looking to create more lash designs to suit your needs, do keep a lookout for what other designs we have in store. Our handcrafted lashes are made with cruelty-free mink fur which is collected during shedding seasons and then sanitised thoroughly before transforming them to the most comfortable and beautiful lashes for you! Wink Formula would be more than honoured to be alongside you in your makeup collection. Check out our current lash collection here!

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