Dummy-proof guide to Falsies

by WF Team on Jun 08, 2018

Dummy-proof guide to Falsies

Let’s admit it. Falsies are daunting. In fact, any new step we take seems daunting. But how fun it is to have the illusion of fluffy lashes that flares out in one direction, unique patterns that opens your eyes to a world you’ve never seen before (or in fact a new you that others have never seen before).

As someone who was in your position and have shared the same dilemma before, here is a fool-proof guide that would help you through your journey.

Step 1:

Starting slow, gently remove the lashes from the box with a tweezer. This would ensure that you do not damage the cotton band of Wink Formula’s lashes. If this is your first time with falsies, pause for a while and absorb the fact that you are embarking on this journey with your new fluttery lashes. Okay and then moving on,

Step 2:

Place the lash on top of your natural lashes. This will help you measure the excess length to trim.

TIP: Always trim from the outer corners of the lash band so that the shape of the lash is maintained.

Getting the right length of the lash band is important! Any longer and it will cause your eyes to appear “droppy” Therefore, you may work with your falsies with a shorter lash band, but not longer than your natural lash line!

Step 3:

Once you have measured your pair of falsies to your natural lash line, it is time to prep your natural lashes! Use a manual lash curler or Wink Formula’s Electric Lash Curler (paired with Mascara for that extra hold) to set a sturdy base for your falsies. Wink Formula’s lashes are light and comfortable to wear, but prep-ing your natural lashes would help your natural lashes blend in better with your favourite falsies.

TIP: Draw in your waterline with your favourite eye pencil to blend the your natural lashes and falsies seamlessly together!

Step 4:

Apply Wink Formula’s Latex-free Lash Glue to your falsies and allow the glue to set for about 10-15 seconds for it to be tacky. Patience is key! Once it is tacky, apply the falsies to your eye and place it close to your natural lash line (NOT on top of your natural lashes). Remember to apply your falsies while it is “pointing upwards” this would maximise the open-eye effect and help accentuate your eyes!

TIP: Secure the centre first before ensuring that the ends are secured too! Apply a little more lash glue at the ends for that extra security.


Now that you are ready to flaunt your new look with your Wink Formula Lashes! If you need a guide for the perfect lash for your eye shape, you can refer to our lash artists guide here.

As Wink Formula lashes are handcrafted to last for a month, learn how to care for them after each use to maximise them in our care guide.

Now that you have unlocked the secret to the perfect wink, stay beautiful and keep creating art with makeup!

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